Project Beneficiaries

The primary beneficiaries of the project are the communities living close to the target areas, as the afforestation and reforestation will work in the long run as a natural green belt (windbreaker) against cyclones and contribute to stabilizing denuded land.

Selection Criteria

Participating communities will be selected based on clear criteria, such as proximity to areas to be afforested and reforested, poverty level and degree of impact from climate changes.

The project will directly support the communities by creating around 3.18 million work days in the afforestation/reforestation program and rehabilitation/ reconstruction of office infrastructure.

Around 6,000 poor and forest dependent households in 200 communities will participate in the alternative livelihoods support program to reduce their dependence on forest resources. These households will be identified on the basis of participatory wealth ranking and their dependence on forest resources.


FKLM Africa Foundation Selection Criteria
Every single year, we lose ecosystem services worth more than 10 percent of our global economic output. If we can manage to reverse this trend, massive gains await us.